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Safekeeping Genius

Developed through collaboration with our clients, provides the tools you need to manage custodial clearance and custodial functions. 

Client Safekeeping

Provides a real-time processing solution for the maintenance of customer accounts: split holdings between multiple locations and safekeeping statuses. Reporting functionality includes client activity statements, internal management reporting; 1099 reporting and more.


Safekeeping Holdings, Movements, and Control

Split holdings between multiple locations and safekeeping statuses. You may also access real-time history of movements by location or holding company online. It is also possible to restrict online access to holdings on the sales floor. Fully integrated with our Portfolio Genius and TPG Trader systems.

Reconciliation and Control 

Allows for the management and reporting on clients’ accounts. Forecast projections for five days (up to thirty days in advance of payment), manage interest and principal payments with separate payment codes on the customer and individual receipt levels, and float payments (independent of delay) on location, paying agent, or security. 

Safekeeping Genius Features


Pledges can be designated during the trade entry process and multiple pledges may be linked to a holding. You may also designate pledge maintenance as a separately permissible function, independent of trade entry. All pledges within the Custodial Reconciliation and Safekeeping Module allow for a full line of description associated with the pledge ID and two full lines when viewing the individual pledge record.


Month-to-date and quarter-to-date billing schedules can be linked to locations, customer types, and individual customers. The fee schedules allow billing for standard activity as well as aggregate par and allow for the application of a minimum fee. And the separate code and account numbers (DDA, savings, etc.) for billing make it easy to distinguish billing from safekeeping or trading.

Account Management

Client activity statements provide current market data and include trading settlement activity, pending activity, income projection, and year-to-date 1099 information. And you control how frequently these statements are distributed to your clients. Also, receipts are generated for all safekeeping items and corrected receipts generate automatically with a full description of the changes made and can be requested or reprinted online.

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