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Derivative Genius

Handles the various products that typically constitute a derivative portfolio, including: Interest Rate Swaps, Swaptions, Options, Forwards and Futures. Calculations are compliant with industry-standard principles.

Derivative Accounting

Derivative Genius provides the best solution for derivative accounting and provides the functionality that serves the middle and back office operations. Our software application complies with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), and all formulas used in the calculations follow the guidelines.


Hedge Accounting for Derivatives

TPG's Hedge Accounting Module furnishes the tools to remain in compliance with the regulations described in FAS 133. Institutions must report in terms of fair value how they manage asset and liability portfolio exposure to foreign currency and the variability of forecasted cash flows.

TPG Rate Engine Calculations

TPG’s Rate Engine handles the complexities of SOFR-based derivatives.  With embedded ARRC-compliant formulas, customers can determine accrual rates and payments.  Support for Federal Reserve and US Government Bond Market calendars and term SOFR indices comes standard.  

Derivative Genius Features

Middle & Back Office

Derivative Genius provides the functionality that serves the middle and back office operations and was designed to accommodate the above structures and provide a flexible design to be able to accommodate new types of structures that may be created in the future.

Internal Modules

Report Manager Module delivers tools to manage your reports. Apply filters and set date parameters, create batches, roll reports into holding company reporting, create consolidated reports, and add custom reports. General Ledger Module supplies tools to manage the chart of accounts, with no limit to the number of line items for either the balance sheet or the income statement.

Optional Modules

Functionality provides compliance for the recognition and measurement of derivatives and hedging activities. It links derivatives to traditional portfolio holdings such as assets or liabilities and provides the means to assign portions of assets or liabilities to derivatives, track fair value hedges, cash flow hedges, and the corresponding impact on unrealized gains, losses, and comprehensive income.

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