TPG's management team has a proven track record in the development, implementation and management of our financial software systems. Shaping the strategic vision for TPG, the team defines research and development initiatives, service quality standards and business growth opportunities.

TPG's management team is supported by a staff of system developers, a dedicated sales force, and finance professionals - all of whom are committed to TPG's mission to be the premier provider of financial software solutions to the financial community.

Meet the Team

Ursula H. Felmet
Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer and Co-founder

Slavek R. Rotkiewicz
President/Director of Business Development and Co-founder

Cory Sokoloski
Vice President, Sales

Rick Schnitger
Vice President, Product Management

Ian Martin
Director, Technical Documentation & Risk Management

Chau Nguyen
Manager, New Products

Tracey Fenske
Manager, Product Development

Travis Bradley
Manager, Client Services

Patrick Collins
Network Manager